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Torquay Harbour D-Day Ramps & Minewatchers post - September 2010

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Torquay Harbour D-Day Ramps & Minewatchers post - September 2010

Post  TQexplorer on Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:34 pm

Built in 1943 ready for D-Day, Torquay harbour's concrete ramps were two of 68 ramps or "hards" built along the south coast for loading LCTs (Landing Craft Troop) and LSTs (Landing Ship Tank); Torquay's was a 4-berth LCT hard.

Early in 1944 a coast ban, from The Wash to Cornwall, had come into force and visitors were only allowed in if possessing appropriate permits: this was to ensure absolute security surrounded the preparation of Operation Overlord and the D-Day landings. Torquay played a vital role in the landings, more than 23,000 men of the American 4th Infantry Division departed from Torquay for Utah Beach during Overlord.

Protected structures, probably never to be used again except by the odd seagull...

Just around the corner from the harbour at Peaked Tor Cove is the WW2 Mine Watchers post.
Sitting above the beach, it's where mines protecting Torquay Harbour would have been remotely detonated in the event of invasion. Sealed recently with the access points made smaller by the countryside trust, it's now protected, providing a secure roost for a local colony of Horseshoe Bats...

view from the roof...

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